Ofoto Ray’s Example Catalogue With Links To 40 PORTRAIT LightRoom Presets

Ofoto Ray's Portrait Lightroom Presets

40 PORTRAIT LightRoom Presets + corresponding RAW photos

This ebook is the first of a series. In this ebook you will find 40 examples of ways to improve your PORTRAIT photos using LightRoom Presets.

I am a professional photographer for many years now and I have decided to publish my photos in an educational way. I have created many Lightroom Presets with all my thousands of photos.


Of course you can buy a lot of presets on the internet, but my opinion is that you get lost in the long rows of presets, of which you do not know in advance how they will work with certain photos. So I present you here a catalogue of photos and the corresponding presets, shown in the result of the second photo. The first photo (top on every page) is allways the RAW photo, as I shot with my camera. In this way I hope to help photographers of all levels to use my presets. Looking to my RAW material will give them a better imagination of how that specific preset would look to certain photos (with the sort of same light circumstances) they have shot themselves.

What will you get:
– 40 unique PORTRAIT LightRoom Presets
– The Original RAW photos

You are allowed to use the RAW photos royalty free.
You are NOT allowed to sell them or present them out of your own name.
The photos remain the property of Ofoto Ray

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